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We’re a coaching program,
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It’s our mission to help aspiring entrepreneurs achieve location and time freedom while doing something they absolutely LOVE.

Our Program offers a proven recipe that has been responsible for countless successful freelancers. Allowing them to leave their 9-5’s and finally live life on their own terms.

We are so much more than just another course. We’re a life changing coaching program and community.

" It’s my mission to help break free of society’s cycle and follow their biggest dreams. "

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It’s a straight line to $3-5K months in as little as 90 days

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We help 9-5ers and beginning entrepreneurs live the Laptop Lifestyle as a High Ticket Freelancer within 90 days.

Location Freedom

Work from anywhere! We teach you proven digital skills so you can provide online services to business owners while you travel or work from home! Everything will go online soon with the technology now. So leverage the time we live in!

Love What You Do

We make sure that you follow your passion and work with businesses that you’re actually interested in (your niche!) So you can land dream clients and love what you do every single day. Because then it will not feel like work.

Stable Strategies

We developed strategies that help you land high ticket clients fast ($1K+) that you retain for 3-12 months so you have dependable income. This can even be scaled into an agency structure later on! Therefore, no income cap!

Hundreds of success stories

From our students all around the globe

Abbie Hughes


Abbie quit her job and is now making $6.5K within 4 weeks of joining

Iris Hofman


Iris quit her 9-5 and earned back her investment with 3 months!

Aryam Lopez


Aryam closed 2 High Ticket Clients within the 12 weeks!

Alicia Bennett


Alicia is now working less hours but making more $ than her previous 9-5!

Victoria Catanese


'I was working 14hrs a day, so I needed help. Then I hit 5k within 2 months of starting the program!'

Elizabeth Jepsen


'After getting laid off, she's at 8K after 2 months of LLMP'

Who is this for?

9-5’ers and in general people who feel stuck in a job, you might simply not enjoy it

Newbies to the online world who don’t have many digital skills yet but eager to start online

Existing freelancers who would like to earn more and land more consistent high ticket clients

The curriculum

Online Video Program

All action and zero fluff.

Welcome Module
7 lessons

The Welcome Module is your gateway to our course platform. You'll learn how our platform works, how to navigate it, and access all the resources you need. We'll guide you on booking workshop calls with our experienced coaches and using our vibrant Discord community for networking and support. You'll also gain insights on how to attend coaching calls and participate in the inspiring mastermind sessions led by Jet, designed to boost your motivation and enthusiasm. This module is your introduction to our team, and you'll get to know our dedicated professionals who are here to support your journey. Furthermore, you'll gain a clear understanding of our roadmap to help you achieve a six-figure income.

Module 0: Onboarding
8 lessons

The Onboarding module serves as the foundation for your journey in this program. In these lessons, you will establish the ideal mindset necessary for success. You'll also ensure you have the right tools and technology at your disposal to kickstart your freelancing career. Discover the principles of accountability, high-performance, and program kickoff, which will set the tone for your learning experience.

Module 1: Launchpad
8 lessons

The Launchpad module is all about building a strong personal brand and honing your skills. It's also a critical phase for defining your niche and crafting an effective pricing strategy. You will explore in-depth insights into the breakdown of skills, discover the power of your personal brand, create compelling service packages, and identify your unique superpower. This module will equip you with the necessary tools to launch your freelancing career with confidence.

Module 2: Positioning
4 lessons

Positioning is the key to success in freelancing, and this module provides strategic insights to establish your presence in the digital marketing realm. You'll learn how visuals, social media presence, and compelling proposals can help you stand out as a freelancer. Positioning is all about defining your unique value proposition and communicating it effectively to potential clients, and this module will guide you through this process.

Module 3: Lead Generation
7 lessons

The Lead Generation module is dedicated to teaching you various strategies to attract high-ticket clients. You'll explore lead generation tactics that include organic marketing, leveraging the power of social media, effective outreach techniques, and the importance of customer relationship management (CRM) systems. By the end of this module, you'll be well-equipped to fill your client pipeline with qualified leads.

Module 4: Conversion
6 lessons

Conversion is the heart of any successful freelancing business, and this module is entirely dedicated to the art of sales. You will learn how to set appointments, conduct discovery calls, and overcome objections effectively. Mastering the art of conversion is crucial for turning potential clients into paying customers, and this module will provide you with the skills and strategies to do just that.

Module 5: Client Flow
6 lessons

In the Client Flow module, you'll gain a deep understanding of the systems and processes involved when you acquire a client. This includes onboarding procedures, managing the client lifecycle, generating reports, securely managing client passwords, and conducting audits to ensure client satisfaction. This module ensures that your client interactions are streamlined and efficient from start to finish.

Module 6: Attract
3 lessons

Attract is all about maintaining self-promotion while providing ongoing services to your existing clients. You'll learn the importance of diversifying your client base, creating lead magnets to attract potential clients, and optimizing your website and online presence. This module empowers you to continue attracting and engaging with clients while delivering top-notch services.

6 lessons

The Bonus Module offers extra content exclusively for program students. This content covers essential topics such as tax considerations, accounting practices, maintaining discipline in your freelancing career, strategies for scaling your business, and guidance on building out your evergreen scalable packages further. This bonus content provides additional insights and tools to help you succeed as a freelancer and manage your business effectively.

Templates, Swipe Files & Scripts

We have a database of templates, scripts and even swipe files that we regularly update to ensure continued efficiency and relevance.

LLMP Database

Private 90 Days Chat Access

We foster a supportive community environment through our Discord chat, where students have access to coaches for personalized questions and feedback. This interactive platform serves as a hub for one-on-one discussions, allowing students to engage with coaches and their peers, share updates on assignments, and track progress through the modules.

Weekly Live Coaching Calls

Right now we have 4-6 Group Coaching Calls per week. Each focuses on a different topic. Examples: Niche, General Queries, Delivery, Content, Lead Gen, Sales and more. You can ask questions about anything ensuring you never feel stuck.
LLMP seminars and masterclass with experts

Done with you Coaching

These sessions include the support calls, workshops and feedback sessions where coaches provide feedback to the assignments submitted by students.


Masterclass with Experts

Every week, we invite experts of different digital marketing skills from copywriting, SEO, graphic design to email marketing. These experts talk about their journey, how they acquire clients and even their best practices. They also answer questions from the students.
masterclass of LLMP with expert Victoria and presenting the topic of storytelling
masterclass of LLMP with experts - iconvertwebsite
We also regularly invite experts from different disciplines to conduct masterclasses to help with the student’s learning journey. Classes like goal setting, human design and even tax advise.

We Get Results

Start living the laptop lifestyle and work from anywhere

Provide online services (such as social media management, copywriting, design, email marketing and more) to business owners and earn anywhere between $3-$8K USD per month!

Learn from someone who has done over 1 Million Dollars in Sales

We practice what we preach

Jet, the founder of LLMP, shows just how far digital skills can take you. From her humble beginnings as a freelancer, she’s grown her passion into a multi 6 figure marketing agency and her company now does over 3 Million Dollars a year. With Jet, you’re learning from real-life experiences and proven methods she uses every day.

gross volume of jet van wijk

Application Only

We’re not for everyone…

To ensure we maintain our exceptionally high student success rate, we accept only a limited number of members at a time. We also screen applicants to ensure they're committed for the right reasons and are prepared to complete the work, such as assignments and attending coaching calls. You can schedule a 15-minute intake session with one of our coaches to determine if you're a good fit and to discuss potential next steps.

How can I apply to join your program?

By following the below you will be one step closer to becoming a high ticket freelancer!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Got any questions?

If you’re a new entrepreneur who wants to work from their laptop, be location-independent, and build something online, then this program is for you (especially if you want to make a nice income for yourself while doing so!)

Why should I get a business coach if I can just do it myself? Think of the internet as a library. Hypothetically the information is out there. You could find what you need if you wanted to but that is going to take A LOT of time. For example, when you walk into a library, the books are all there. But it takes a lot of time to find the exact book.

Once you find the right book, what chapter do you turn to? As a coach, I’m the LIBRARIAN. I know exactly which chapter from which books will work. And how to apply it. Because in my 8 years of experience, I’ve read and tried most. Doing it without me as a coach (aka librarian in a library) you are going to waste a lot of time. Make a lot of useless mistakes. Struggle more to try things. And in the end > your time = is worth the money.

So, you are more than welcome to search through all bookcases > bookshelves > book categories > books > chapters > trial > waste time > maybe succeed maybe fail. Or, you can get a librarian to tell you where to find exactly what you need.

YES! You get lifetime access to the materials and membership site as we continue to update it weekly if not daily. Furthermore, you are welcome to stay in the discord community so even after 12 weeks you can still ask anything. We value community very highly!

You guys basically became BFFs if you weren’t already. As Jet LOVES coaching, she hosts classes often. She is also always active in the Discord community and is rooting for your success!!

100% YES!⁣ ⁣ Why? Because when I started I had 0 skills and didn’t know anything. My program is designed to bring anyone (17 years old or 67 years old) from zero to a hero in the freelance space. ⁣We start with the foundations, go into branding, digital skills, practising, your offer, lead gen, and create your very own portfolio!

You don’t need Instagram followers or prior experience to work online. ⁣ ⁣ Too many people still think that working online means being an influencer, and don’t realize that it doesn’t work like that at all. ⁣ ⁣ You do need something called Digital Skills. ⁣

Book a FREE strategy session with us! The Laptop Lifestyle Master Program is one of the most prestigious online business schools. Weekly, over 50 students apply but we can only accept 7 of them. That’s why we qualify you over a short call, to see whether you have the right motivation to build your business.

I’m (Jet) in the business of changing LIVES! And I never want money to be a reason why I can’t help you. If there’s a will, there’s always a way! No excuse! Take action to see results.💪

We have payment plans available, and a community program you could join and happy to think along about how we CAN make it happen!

LLMP stands for the Laptop Lifestyle Master Program. It’s a 3-month business coaching program for new entrepreneurs who want to live the laptop lifestyle while building a long-term online business. We help you lay the foundations so you can grow towards a 6 figure business while getting time, location, and financial freedom.

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