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Jet(Marjet) van Wijk ™
Laptop Lifestyle Coach

How To Work From Your Laptop While Becoming Location and Time Independent

If you’re stuck in a 9-5 or a job you simply don’t like and you want to travel the world, work from home and finally experience that freedom lifestyle, then watch our free training and book a call with us today!

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We help 9-5ers and beginning entrepreneurs live the Laptop Lifestyle as a High Ticket Freelancer within 90 days.

Location Freedom

Work from anywhere! We teach you proven digital skills so you can provide online services to business owners while you travel or work from home! Everything will go online soon with the technology now. So leverage the time we live in!

Love What You Do

We make sure that you follow your passion and work with businesses that you’re actually interested in (your niche!) So you can land dream clients and love what you do every single day. Because then it will not feel like work.

Stable Strategies

We developed strategies that help you land high ticket clients fast ($1K+) that you retain for 3-12 months so you have dependable income. This can even be scaled into an agency structure later on! Therefore, no income cap!


Laptop Lifestyle

Start living the laptop lifestyle and work from anywhere

Provide online services (such as social media management, copywriting, design, email marketing and more) to business owners and earn anywhere between $3-$8K USD per month!

Founder & Coach

About Jet van Wijk ™

Ex-influencer turned multi 7 figure business coach!
2CC Award Winner, representing sales over $1,000,000.

Jet helps people who are either stuck in a 9-5 or who just started as entrepreneur to successfully become High Ticket Freelancers. Jet was a freelancer herself and then scaled her knowledge into running a highly successful digital marketing agency. All of this was achieved by learning digital skills.

She now helps people from diverse backgrounds and locations all over the world, offering her expertise and support to individuals seeking guidance and assistance in various aspects of their lives.

Marjet Van Wijk Coach of Laptop Lifestyle Professional Outfit
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Work from your laptop, from anywhere.

The online space is the future and everything is going digital nowadays. Becoming a High Ticket Freelancer is the most realistic way you can get started online. You learn a high-income skill and provide services to business owners. You would be starting in a $1.5 trillion market with a growth rate of 15% per year. And the online world is only just getting started.

Here is what you get when you join the LLMP program

Comprehensive Training Program

Coaching Calls With Experts

Community with like minded

Potential Job Opportunities

LLMP Certifications

Control your own income!

Get Paid For Value, Not Time

Plan Your Own Daily Schedule

True Location-Freedom

Laptop Lifestyle Master Program (LLMP) Logo

How to become High Ticket Freelancer

If you want to earn $5K/ month within 90 days or less, this is the coaching program you need.

That’s why we created a proven roadmap with all the right strategies and resources to help you achieve the ultimate laptop lifestyle.

Recent YouTube Videos

Hundreds of success stories

From our students all around the globe

Abbie Hughes


Abbie quit her job and is now making $6.5K within 4 weeks of joining

Iris Hofman


Iris quit her 9-5 and earned back her investment with 3 months!

Aryam Lopez


Aryam closed 2 High Ticket Clients within the 12 weeks!

Alicia Bennett


Alicia is now working less hours but making more $ than her previous 9-5!

Victoria Catanese


'I was working 14hrs a day, so I needed help. Then I hit 5k within 2 months of starting the program!'

Elizabeth Jepsen


'After getting laid off, she's at 8K after 2 months of LLMP'

Latest News & Updates

August 2023, Utrecht
We recently held our first live mastermind event, welcoming over 40 students from the Netherlands! The day was full of motivational sessions. Jet shared insights on the journey to becoming a millionaire, while Linda delved into the importance of discipline. Additionally, we held workshops on sales and marketing. The day ended with a toast, celebrating the achievements of our students and their future successes!

Check our socials for daily content on the laptop lifestyle and freelancing!

Frequently Asked Questions

Got any questions?

If you’re a new entrepreneur that wants to work from their laptop, be location independent and build something online, then this program is for you (especially if you want to make a nice income for yourself while doing so!)

Why should I get a business coach if I can just do it myself? Think of the internet as a library. Hypothetically the information is out there. You could find what you need if you wanted to but that is going to take ALOT of time. For example, when you walk into a library, the books are all there. But it takes alot of time to find the exact book. Once you find the right book, what chapter do you turn to? As a coach, I’m the LIBRARIAN. I know exactly which chapter from which books will work. And how to apply it. Because in my 8 years of experience, I’ve read and tried most. Doing it without me as a coach(aka librarian in a library) you are going to waste a lot of time. Make a lot of useless mistakes. Struggle more to trial things. And in the end > your time = worth money. So, you are more than welcome to search through all bookcases > bookshelves > book categories > books > chapters > trial > waste time > maybe succeed maybe fail. Or, you can get a librarian to tell you where to find exactly what you need.

YES! You get lifetime access to the materials and membership site as we continue to update it weekly if not daily. Furthermore, you are welcome to stay in the discord community so even after the 12 weeks you can still ask anything. We value community very highly!

You guys basically became BFF’s if you weren’t already. As Jet LOVES coaching, she hosts classes often. She is also always active in discord community and is rooting for your success!!

100% YES!⁣ ⁣ Why? Because when I started I had 0 skills and didn’t know anything. My program is designed to bring anyone (17 years old or 67 years old) from zero to hero in the freelance space. ⁣ ⁣ We start with the foundations, go into branding, digital skills, practising, your offer, lead gen and create your very own portfolio!

You don’t need Instagram followers or prior experience to work online. ⁣ ⁣ Too many people still think that working online means being an influencer, and don’t realize that it doesn’t work like that at all. ⁣ ⁣ You do need something called Digital Skills. ⁣

Book a FREE strategy session with us! The Laptop Lifestyle Master Program is one of the most prestigious online business schools. Weekly, over 50 students apply but we can only accept 7 of them. That’s why we qualify you over a short call, to see whether you have the right motivation to build your business.

I’m(Jet) in the business of changing LIVES! And I never want money to be a reason why I can’t help you. If there’s a will, there’s always a way! No excuse! Take action to see results. 💪 We have payment plans available, a community program you could join and happy to think with you in how we CAN make it happen!
LLMP stands for the Laptop Lifestyle Master Program. It’s a 3-month business coaching program for new entrepreneurs who want to live the laptop lifestyle while building a long term online business. We help you lay the foundations so you can grow towards a 6 figure business while getting time, location and financial freedom.